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A fractal generator with the following features:

GUI of endlos

More information and downloads at the sourceforge project page.

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What's the origin of the name? Well, endlos is german and means endless, infinite, ad infinitum. But not only fractals are endless, the platform independency enables endlos to run on an endless amount of operating systems (having a JVM); you can use virtually endless threads making endlos faster the more cores your CPU has; the precision mode 'unlimited' can virtually use endless decimal places; the permutations of random colors are higher than your eyes visual spectrum; the number of parallel fractals are only restricted by the computer's RAM and your screen's dimension; Open Source has the potential to live forever. There are lots of attributes in endlos making it deserving its name ...

Java Virtual Machines

Here's a collection of Java Virtual Machines (runtime environments/SDKs) for your computer / your operating system:

If you know of JVMs for additional OSes, please tell me!

Everybody should watch this movie - in full length:

Help fighting deseases by running BOINC and the Rosetta project: